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Hi! I'm Kelsey! I have dimples and I play league
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One of my favorites


imagine niagara falls….. but chocolate milk

your blog is perfect, and you play league, dope!


Gahh omg so sweet!


tea + bed + rain by Müshü on Flickr.

Shyvana - Splash Art (2014)
We only obsess over relationships that feel unfinished. - Carrie Bradshaw (via whatwouldcarriesay)


I almost died laughing.


Guardians of the Galaxy: Minimalist Posters

So… I went to see GotG yesterday and it was great. For a Marvel film I really loved everything about it, and I could write paragraphs on everything I loved however, here are some posters I made to represent each ‘guardian’ (Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket respectively). I hope you enjoy them, I might do some more characters in the future! And go and see the film if you haven’t already!! 

(Disclaimer: I tried to draw Gamora’s sword and it was so bad so she got the orb.. sorry Gamora)